nolan Get out your tinfoil hats, because we've got one heck of a theory coming your way. As many who went to go see Hobbs & Shaw over the weekend discovered, the first teaser trailer for Tenet, the latest from director Christopher Nolan, was snuck into theaters as something of a big surprise. While the teaser hasn't even made its way online yet as of this writing, it has already inspired some pretty amazing thoughts. Chief amongst them being that Nolan is currently filming a secret sequel to Inception. We must caution right up top that this can't even be considered a rumor. It's simply a theory. Point being, don't get too carried away, as this does run the risk of being extremely exciting. That said, here's what we know for sure and why this theory is taking off. The Tenet trailer features the lines, "Time has come for a new protagonist" and "Time has come for a new kind of mission." The teaser doesn't reveal much, but John David Washington's character is seen in some sort of reverse time loop. That sounds a little Inception-esque, right?

nolan The rise of Christopher Nolan as a filmmaker has been a fascinating one. The guy is, undoubtedly, one of a very few number of directors who have the clout to make pretty much whatever they want. At a time when Steven Spielberg has trouble gathering financing for his projects, the combination of Christopher Nolan’s unfailing box office success and high critical praise makes him a low-risk prospect for any major studio, even if you’re greenlighting a budget of say $165 million for an original sci-fi epic. But while Nolan is now pretty much the consummate “prestige blockbuster” filmmaker, he didn’t start off making massive films. Nor did he take the now somewhat common route of churning out a well-received indie then immediately jumping into the big leagues. Nolan began by making incredibly small-scale films, slowly working his way up to his first blockbuster, but throughout he kept his filmmaking sensibilities intact: ambitious narrative structure, incredibly serious and high-stakes stories, and intense character focus. These hallmarks are just as prevalent in Nolan’s first feature, the $6,000 noir Following, as they are in something like The Dark Knight.

nolan A new film in director Christopher Nolan’s canon is nigh. Warner Bros. confirmed this weekend that 2020 will see the acclaimed and Oscar-winning Nolan deliver his follow-up to 2017’s Dunkirk; described as “an event film” with an IMAX release. Precisely no details of the Dark Knight and Inception director’s 11th feature film have been made available, as Nolan is notorious for writing, casting, and directing in utter secrecy. (The presence of Tom Hardy and a weird mask is presumed.) The film is otherwise scheduled to hit theaters and IMAX on July 17, 2020. The Hollywood Reporter notes that Nolan has a propensity for July releases, following similar dates for Dunkirk, 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, 2010’s Inception, and even 2008’s The Dark Knight.

eminem Eminem just broke off a long silence on his Twitter and posted some kind of warning or line from the upcoming track. Fans immediately began to build theories. Some people think this is a line from the new track that Eminem will release soon, others think it’s a Lord Jamar diss track.

eminem The year was 1999 and rap music was coming off of the back of its ‘shiny suit’ era: think Puff Daddy and Ma$e dressed in tin foil, Harlem shaking their way around a wind tunnel. Then a snotty white boy from Detroit, armed with a quick wit, a controversial sense of humour, unbelievable lyrical capabilities and a mischievous alter ego, made a grab for his slice of the pie “Hi, kids! Do you like violence?/ Wanna see me stick nine inch nails through each one of my eyelids?” Everyone remembers hearing those words for the very first time. How could they not? They were funny. They were different. And who, in their right mind, would think to rhyme violence with eyelids? Read more at